AIS Early Career Award

About the Award

The AIS Early Career Award was established in 2014 and was granted for the first time in 2015. This award recognizes individuals in the early stages of their careers who have already made outstanding research, teaching, and/or service contributions to the field of information systems.

Qualifications for the Award

Nominees for the AIS Early Career Award should have made global contributions to the discipline as well as local contributions in the context of their country and region. Nominees should be role models to colleagues and students within the discipline, as well as garner the respect of individuals from outside the discipline and be esteemed for their high levels of professional and personal integrity.

Nominees must have been AIS members for at least two consecutive years and be current members of AIS at the time of nomination and receipt of recognition. Individuals may only win the Early Career Award once. For the purpose of this award, AIS defines “early career” as individuals who, at the time of nomination:

  • have received their doctoral degrees no more than seven (7) years prior to nomination; OR
  • be within the first seven (7) consecutive years of their academic career if they do not have a doctoral degree.
  • Carolina Alves de Lima Salge, University of Georgia
  • Yue Katherine Feng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Dongwon Lee, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Chen Liang, University of Connecticut
  • Warut Khern-am-nuai, McGill University
  • Jingchuan Pu, University of Florida
  • Van-Hau Trieu, Deakin University
  • Melody Zou, University of Warwick
  • Sofia Bapna
  • Tommy K. H. Chan
  • Yong Jin
  • Yu-Kai Lin
  • Harris Kyriakou
  • Sagar Samtani
  • Panagiotis Adamopoulos, Emory University
  • Taha Havakhor, Temple University
  • Zach Lee, Durham University
  • Yixin Lu, The George Washington University 
  • Yenni Tim, University of New South Wales Sydney
  • Lior Zalmanson, Tel Aviv University
  • Zachary Steelman, University of Arkansas
  • Vilma Todri, Emory University
  • Nina Huang, University of Houston
  • Matthias Soellner, University of Kassel
  • Markus Salo, University of Jyväskylä
  • John Dong, University of Groningen
  • Marten Risius, University of Queensland
  • Christian Maier, University of Bamberg
  • Gene Lee, University of British Columbia
  • Hailiang Chen, The University of Hong Kong
  • Keongtae Kim, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Liangfei Qiu, University of Florida
  • Miguel Godinho de Matos, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
  • Till Winkler, Copenhagen Business School
  • Xiao Xiao, Copenhagen Business School
  • Brad Greenwood, University of Minnesota
  • Kevin Hong, Arizona State University
  • Thomas Kude, ESSEC Business School
  • Mari-Klara Stein, Copenhagen Business School
  • Lynn Wu, University of Pennsylvania
  • David (Jingjun) Xu, City University of Hong Kong
  • Gordon Burtch, University of Minnesota
  • Jeffrey Jenkins, Brigham Young University
  • Aaron Baird, Georgia State University
  • Jaime Windeler, University of Cincinnati
  • Alvin Leung, City University of Hong Kong
  • Robert Gregory, IESE Business School
  • Michelle Carter, Washington State University
  • Daniel Schlagwein, UNSW Australia
  • John Tripp, Baylor University
  • Greg MoodyUniversity of Nevada Las Vega
  • James GaskinBrigham Young University
  • Jennifer GerowVirginia Military Institute 
  • Attila MartonCopenhagen Business School
  • Ning SuUniversity of Western Ontario 

AIS Early Career Award Committee

The Early Career Award committee is comprised of AIS members as established in the Council Policy Manual.

The Selection Process

A description of the nomination and selection process can be found in Council Policy. To submit a nomination for this award, please use the online nomination form that will be available until October 7.