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The AIS History Task Force for the IS Discipline fosters collection, preservation, interpretation, writing, and dissemination of the historical information in and about the IS field. To this end, the task force provides guidance within AIS and organizes activities independently and in collaboration with other AIS committees and groups. It advises AIS council on matters of the legacy and heritage of the IS field.

In celebration of AIS serving society for 30 years,

we take a look back on an extensive history of AIS, the field of Information Systems and our community by highlighting certain aspects of the organization and our members. ​

Ten Questions With Jane Fedorowicz

May 2

Many years ago, AIS introduced a column called Ten Questions, which featured members throughout the field of IS. Written by Ryan Wright and David Agogo, the column quietly went into hibernation around 2017 as roles changed and lives became busier. With AIS celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, we are renewing the Ten Questions column, with a twist. We will be focusing on our members and volunteers who have helped shape AIS over the last 30 years while looking to the future of the association and envisioning the next 30 years.

Piecing Together the IS Puzzle

May 2

Before the establishment of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), information systems (IS) research was characterized by a fragmented landscape with limited coordination and collaboration among scholars, practitioners, and educators. While emerging as a distinct discipline, the field lacked a unified platform for scholarly exchange, sharing of knowledge, and advancement of research agendas. Consequently, research efforts were often scattered across various academic disciplines, including computer science, business management, and engineering, resulting in silos that the early pioneers of IS hoped to align.

Ten Questions for Munir Mandviwalla

May 16

This week’s Ten Questions features Munir Mandviwalla, longtime AIS member and founder of the AIS Student Chapters program. The program, which began in 2009, has long been a source for Information Systems undergraduates to develop their careers and build networks beyond their home universities.

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The History of AIS and
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